Study Reveals Most Popular Cars Of Each Major Political Party

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Marketing research company Strategic Vision recently completed a study that sought to identify what new vehicles found the most favor with Democrats and Republicans. After 38,000 responses the study revealed some rather interesting results.


The most popular vehicle of those who self identified as members of Republican Party was the not so conservative Ford Mustang Convertible, followed by the Audi A8, Mercedes GL, Ford Expedition and Ford F-150. In fact it seems convertibles are a big hit with members of the Grand Old Party, who were responsible for 69% of convertible sales recorded in the study.

Democratic results were a little more predictable with the Honda Civic Hybrid topping the list, closely followed by the Volvo C30, Nissan Leaf, Acura TSX Wagon, and Ford Fiesta Sedan. Perhaps even more predictably, according to Alexander Edwards who is the president of Strategic Vision, the majority of Civic Hybrid Owners who responded lived in San Francisco and NYC.


As the New York Times points out, the firm weighted certain responses which are likely responsible for the appearance of oddball cars like the TSX wagon and the Audi A8 on the two lists.

Sure, a study that reveals Democrats drive hybrids and Volvos while Republicans prefer trucks and luxury cars might not be unbelievably ground breaking, but the findings are certainly backed up by significant representitives of the two parties. Before President Obama was told he could no longer drive by the Secret Service, a Ford Escape Hybrid sat in the garage next to his Chrysler 300. Mitt Romney has also revealed he splits his driving time between a Chevy truck and a Mustang—which we now have to assume is a convertible.

Photo Credit: Phillip Pessar

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The Vibe Guy, Apparently

I wonder if you could place the results on a spectrum, showing what extremist liberals drive, conservative liberals drive, independants drive, liberal conservatives drive, and what extremist conservatives drive.

For that matter, what does Bob Lutz daily drive?

Another question: can you never drive again if you are or were president? Because that would be a real dealbreaker for me. Do I want to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth? No! I want to drive my own car.