High Horsepower Drag Car Attempts To Navigate Road Course And Fails Miserably

Put a vehicle notorious for its inability to safely navigate a perfectly straight drag strip on a driveway race track with plenty of turns and disaster is almost painfully inevitable. The car in question is the vintage fuel altered "Rat Trap" dragster and the "race track" in question is the driveway leading up to Rod Millen's New Zealand ranch.

Inspired by the Goodwood Festival of Speed, every year the racing champion invites a selection of unique high horsepower machines and talented drivers to race the mile long single stage race course that leads to his home. The spectacle of high horsepower race cars navigating a course the width of a normal driveway is already beyond cool, but as you can see from the above video this year the Leadfoot Festival also had vintage dragster carnage to offer.

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The "Rat Trap" was originally built in 1968 at the height of fuel altered drag car popularity. According to owner/driver Ron Hope's website, the very cool fuel altered shown in this video is "the latest version of the original 'Rat Trap'". From the looks of this burnout and subsequent injury free roll-over at last weekend's Leadfoot Festival we'd guess Hope will stick to straight tracks in the future.


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I saw Kurt Vonnegut speak once. One of the things he mentioned was how all fairy tales seem to follow the same story arc, which he drew on an overhead projector, and it looked a bit like a sine curve. The hero is going about their business (baseline), bad guy does his thing and shits gets bad (arc droops), things get exciting (arc swoops up), story resolution (drops back down to baseline). Mr. Vonnegut outlined the plot of many well-known stories and they all followed a similar path. He expressed fatigue with this played-out story arc and suggested a comical alternative: "One day a man wakes up to find he's turned into a cockroach. The end." This story arc starts at the base and drops precipitously, ending prematurely.

This video follows that story arc.