See Why There Was Nothing Quite Like The 1981 El Camino

Chevrolet produced this dealer training video to aid salesman in the unenviable task of trying to convince buyers the El Camino was a better small truck purchase than the imported competition.


In order to dispel " the erroneous idea that an import is better simply because it is an import", this video points out all of the "great" reasons an El Camino is a better buy.

We love all things El Camino as much as if not more than the next guy, but if this video does anything it seems be illustrating the half car, half trucks inability to stack up to the foreign compact truck competition. With better standard features like insulation under the hood and luxurious foam padded headliner it's hard to imagine anyone would opt for the lighter, smaller imports.


The El Camino's gas mileage was claimed to be "in the ballpark" of the competition which we have to assume means 10-15 mpg less efficient. There is certainly no mention of the price difference between the Camino and its foreign competition either. Even the sledgehammer test which we assumed was a certain victory for the El Camino gets interrupted by a random bystander before it's complete.

Without a doubt our favorite part of this vintage training video is the fact that it also manages to document the first time someone wearing a suit has ever sat inside an El Camino.

Hat tip to BajaBuster!

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I have to say I never realized an El Camino was actually that utilitarian, a 5000lb towing capacity is nothing to sneeze at for that size. Probably because I don't think I've ever seen one being used as an actual truck, people who bought these looked at them mainly as 2-seater Monte Carlos with open air trunks.

Also, was that last part slightly racist?