Violent SUV Crash Video Shows Latest Victim Of The Nürburgring

Part of what makes the Nürburgring so cool is the fact anyone with a drivers license, a car and $34 can take a lap on the storied race track on tourist days. While lapping the Nordschleife at high speeds is surely the stuff of gearhead fantasy, the realization of that dream sometimes turns into a nightmare.


As you can see from this video, that is exactly how one Honda CRV driver's trip to the 'Ring ended recently. Coming out of the famous Eiskurve—which translates to Ice Corner for reasons demonstrated here—at a high rate of speed the SUV loses it and the resulting crash must be seen to be believed.

According to the Youtube description of this video the driver and passenger of this Honda were doing "relatively good" after the crash, which is a little hard to believe after watching this unbelievable video. Who would have thought the combination of a CRV and one of the most infamous race tracks in the world would end badly?

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