What’s The Worst Thing People Do At Car Shows?

Every town has its own Cars & Coffee now. They're pretty civil, except for the asshats who do shitty burnouts in the street and get the whole thing cancelled. What's the worst thing that people do to screw up a local parking lot concours?

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Chairman Kaga

Bring a gun to a Scrabble game.

The Austin Alfa club is basically just a bunch of bearded guys 30+ who sit around by the lake on a Sunday morning once a month, drink some coffee, eat some muffins, and trade tips on parts sourcing and MAF tuning. Then some jerkface in a Porsche or a Jaguar E-Type turns up and wants to start some shit. Invariably it all degenerates into an argument over whose care is the least reliable and requires the most work to keep on the road, which then causes the wives to interject with, "Wait! What? You told me you spent your bonus on Zynga stock, not that DAMN car again!" and before you know it, pies are being thrown.

Thanks, jerkoff.