What's Hiding Under This French Lass' Bonnet?

Illustration for article titled Whats Hiding Under This French Lass Bonnet?

You'd be amazed how much making mistakes pays off. A while back, I did this post that included some French in the splash image, and I, true to my nature, screwed it up. So Jonathan Miller corrected me, and even better, offered to be my eyes out in France for interesting stuff. A whole bunch is coming your way soon, but first I'm hoping to solve a small mystery.


In the batch of lovely pictures of Francophonic iron was this Panhard 24— a sleek, novel looking car I've always liked. This one, though, has a weird, squared-off hood bulge. Why? The Panhard used a flat-twin engine, and that sits pretty low. Is this from an engine swap? Big turbo pipes? Pastry warmer? Who knows?


Anyway, I thought it'd be fun for us to try and figure this out. Any Panhard heads out there know why someone would do this?

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Oh, I can best the first...um, turbo stuff? hoses for the intercooler? Gerbils?

I have no idea...