What Car Is Unexpectedly Hard To Find?

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Certainly it comes as a shock to no one that there aren't many Pre-A Porsche 356s sitting in barns and finding an old Gullwing or 250 GT is a nearly impossible task even if somehow you actually have the money to pay for one. Sometimes it isn't just the most rare and sought after cars that can be tough to find though.

This weekend we want to know about the more pedestrian vehicles that you've had a tough time tracking down. Even though plenty were built and they might not have a particular pedigree, what vehicles do you rarely if ever stumble across, despite your best attempts to do so. What car is unexpectedly hard to find?


It started innocently enough, I saw a 1983 Chevrolet Malibu wagon sell on Ebay (pictured above) for $1600 in nice running and driving condition. I foolishly assumed I could find a similar vehicle a little bit closer without too much hassle—a thought that has since been proven wrong many times over.

I've had my eye out for a four headlight example of the last of the rear wheel drive intermediate station wagons ever since I saw this car several years ago. Despite my efforts I haven't been able to find one anywhere close to me that isn't completely beat or priced like an exotic collectable.

Even taking into account the fact I live in a region notorious for rust, the amount of Malibu wagons produced in those 24 months (1982-1983) and the plethora of the A-body station wagons that replaced them for sale makes me think finding one shouldn't be nearly as hard as it is.

What car is unexpectedly hard to find?

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Dodge Daytonas and their cousins, the Plymouth Lasers. Also the same era Chargers and Omnis. I am surprised every time I see one nowadays, which is very rarely.