This Man Is In A Coma Because He Complimented Another Man's Wheels

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If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. But if you're with 25-year-old Daman Lehman, it's best not to say anything period. James Foster, 21, is in a coma after complimenting Lehman's wheels outside a bar in Puyallup, Wash. last Friday evening.


They were standing outside a bar when Foster, whose father told KIRO-TV loved cars, complimented Lehman's car and asked him what kind of rims were on it. Instead of the customary, "Hey thanks, they're [your brand here]," Lehman apparently punched Foster in the head. Foster didn't return the blow, so Lehman responded the same way he did to the compliment, by punching him in the head again, only harder.

Foster then reportedly hit his head on the pavement, and according to witness testimony, Lehman bragged about his ability to put people to sleep. Well, Foster is still asleep after a week, and the courts actually let him out on $75,000 bail.

On his Facebook page (which has recently been deleted and restarted due to "spam"), Lehman's interests speak for themselves: "UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship, AFFLICTION, Golds Gym Richland Wa, Powerhouse Restaurant and Brewery, reddit, 9GAG, Summit Pub, Vision Quest Sport and Fitness." Sounds like he didn't get to kick enough asses in the ring and decided to dust a much thinner man to compensate. No word on whether or not he was tested for steroid abuse.

Although Lehman admitted to assaulting Foster during police questioning, he pleaded not guilty to first-degree assault. Foster's dad is not happy that Lehman is walking around free while his son lays motionless in a hospital bed.

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I have a cousin who has a similar problem (victim, not perp) when he would say nice things to people they would assume he was being an ass and get mad at him. We were on a ski lift and someone did a small, but complete 360 off a jump and he yelled off the lift "SWEET!" and he meant it. his reward for compliment? a middle finger. Later that SAME DAY, he was traversing on a high traverse and he came across a girl who had stalled on a snowboard (which happens almost anytime you are on a flat traverse on a snowboard) and he, being a snowboarder who happened to be skiing today, felt for this person and wanted to commiserate with her and said "that sucks, sorry." to which she responded with something along the lines of "go fornicate yourself". He was baffled as to why his gestures were being treated with such disdain. Some people, it seems just don't know what to do with a genuinely nice person.