University Of Texas Foam Sword Battle Interrupted By A Bus

It's the end of the year. No more classes. No more parking hassles. You're feeling great. You've got a foam sword in your hand. You're ready to cross The Drag and do fake battle with your friends. You've waited all year and now all you have to do is wait for the light to change. Dude, you should really wait for the light to change.

And then he's hit by a bus.

As a proud University of Texas Longhorn and a former intern at Austin's Capital Metro transit agency, I'm always excited to see the two worlds get together. Just not literally together. I don't remember the foam sword battle tradition (it must be new), but I know this spot and it's infamous for the people who dart out in front of cars, bikers, and the frequent Cap Metro buses.


The unnamed student, perhaps overcome with emotion, doesn't look to his left to see the bus running a red light and gets bounced like an underage Jenna Bush at Chuy's. According to The Daily Texan, another place I worked, the student suffered only minor physical injures and was quickly released from the hospital.

I'm sure the emotional injuries will last much longer as everyone emails, facebooks and tweets him this video.

(Hat tip to Brian!)

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