Irish Version Of Fast And The Furious Involves Horses

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Admittedly, this isn't an official Irish film adaptation of the American franchise The Fast And The Furious. These are "Irish Travelers" conducting a horse race in the middle of a busy highway as police impotently try to stop them. But it has the same feel — only with a strange Irish Gaelic/Roma patois replacing the energy drink-infused exclamations.


What you're witnessing is an "Irish gypsy horse race" that almost turns into a disaster as the police unsuccessfully attempt to force them off the road. Fellow Travelers form a protective barrier around the leading horse and driver. We assume they're the winners but it's hard to follow the conversation post-race.

Another film this short video reminds me of is John Michael McDonagh's great black comedy The Guard. In it, Brenden Gleeson plays a Sergeant in the Garda who eschews the normal formality of police work and takes drugs, has sex with prostitutes, and otherwise ignores the smaller crimes.

When you live in a place like this isn't it better not to interfere if your interference just makes things worse?



It's always interesting to see how the rest of the world views Ireland.

Just to be clear, this type of race is quite unusual here but I will admit that you do come across these horse and carts quite often on the road. (We don't call them Gypsies BTW, they are Travellers!)

On a side note, I now live in a small Village not far from Dublin called Malahide. One of the pubs here called "Duffy's" is regularly frequented by Brendan Gleeson who turns up every now and then with a fiddle and joins a group of musicians. They sit in a corner of the bar and play irish music for a few hours. We all take it as pretty normal and continue drinking and talking shite when he turns up. For the tourists, however, it is like manna from heaven. It's so funny watching them slowly realise who he is and suddenly run for their cameras :)