What's The Slowest Sports Car Of All Time?

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There have been plenty of perilously slow automobiles passed onto the public as pure driving machines. Taking into account how slow regular cars were when it was on sale, what was the slowest purpose-built sports car ever made?


Even by the standards of its time, the '76 Porsche 924 was remarkably slow. Its 2.0-liter EA831 engine first showed up in the excessively plain Audi 100 and then a VW van. Horsepower in the US wasn't even into the triple digits. The Porsche eked out a 0-60 time of 11.6 seconds and 6.5 seconds later it rounded out the quarter mile.

Relative to the benchmark of its time, what was the slowest sports car ever built?


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Alfa Romeo GTV6. Only 158 hp and 0-60 in the neighborhood of 8 seconds.

BUT. It's an Alfa with a gorgeous sounding engine. And I believe there are a few jalops on here that have owned them that say they're a blast to drive.