Deputy traveling 119 MPH Before ‘Spectacular’ Crash

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Can you even tell that this is an unmarked Chevy Tahoe? That's because a Columbia, SC Sheriff's Deputy rolled it at 119 MPH while driving through a 45 MPH zone. Allegedly chasing a gun-wielding drug dealer, the officer in question has just been suspended for five days without pay.


The incident occurred way back in the halcyon days of March while the officer was responding to a reports of shots fired at a fellow officer. But, documents released later show the Deputy in question, Benjamin Dale Weatherford, wasn't actually dispatched to the incident and the officer who was, riding as a passenger, wasn't dispatched until 25 minutes later, calling into question Weatherford's haste.

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The crash occurred just as the Tahoe was about to enter a 35 MPH zone. Another car, unable to see the speeding truck, pulled out in front, necessitating evasive manuevers that caused the Tahoe to strike a curb and roll. All three Sherriff's Deputies in the vehicle suffered only minor injuries.

According to a South Carolina Highway Patrol MAIT Team, the Tahoe was traveling at 119 MPH "less than a second before the impact." Impressive.


Baber K. Khan

When you have drones. There's absolutely no need for the police to engage in high-speed pursuits in speed limited zones, which is everywhere in US.

So let the drones do the chasing and when the vehicle or the criminal stops completely, than send in the units to that place. Is this so hard to think out?