The Greatest Hoons Of 2012

Yesterday we asked you to review our nominees for the craziest nutjobs in the car world. Now we have our winners. Welcome to the 2012 Hoonies!


We judged our contestants by their inventiveness, their determination, and their willful desire to wreck the living bejeesus out of anything on four wheels. You voted and we are now prepared to debut the winners, who came from all over the world and competed with all kinds of different cars and budgets.


Anyone can be our Hoon of the Year. Even with the worst ride, you can make the best hoonage. Now, let's get started.

Photo Credit: TaxTheRich

Hoon Of The Year

We're blowing our load early on this one and naming the Terror Tractor as our Hoon of the Year. It's just a guy taking a tractor with a turbocharged Volvo engine under the hood and going wild with it. If you're wondering what hoonage is, just watch this video and you'll understand.

Most Audacious Hoon

For excellence in trashing the shit out supercars and disturbing the natural aristocratic order of the British countryside, we name TaxTheRich100 as the Most Audacious Hoons of the Year. In particular we want to highlight their Rolls Royce drift video, especially since the driver maintains a secret and mysterious identity.


Most Professional Hoon

Despite strong competition, Kenneth P. Blockenpisser gets our title of Professional Hoon of the Year for Gymkhana 5. There is no way you can hate on jump-drifting the streets of San Francisco like you're Steve McQueen gone mad.


Best Jump

This year was strongly focused on powerslides and drifting, not the traditional hoonage category of car jumping, but we still had truly excellent, excellent airborne Volvo action. The Best Jump of the Year award goes to these Dutch junkyard operators, who jumped a Volvo wagon straight into another car (a wee little Fiat) just for fun.

Best Burnout

This entry came early in the year and was not beaten for the rest of the hoonage season. The Best Burnout of the Year goes to Kranky, not just for having tons of fire and smoke, but for burning down a namby-pamby garden with the inferno. If you're going to do a burnout, make a statement with it.


We hope you enjoyed this year's Hoonies, and we hope to see you again with more tire-slaying, car-destroying videos. As always drive safe, and make good choices.

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Hooning is the worst car term I've heard since Hellaflush. It's just guys burning out and drifting in fields, why does it deserve it's own name?