Yep, Russia's Still Using Those Inflatable Tanks and Weapons

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You'd think after word got out about their inflatable decoys several years back, the Russian military would've changed tack. It doesn't look like they have—unless they fooled the BBC, who filmed a video of a tank in "action."

Of course, when I say a tank in "action", I mean they recorded it being inflated and springing up to its life-size stature—because that's all the inflatables are capable of. They're meant to be decoys, able of tricking enemies flying overhead into thinking that the Russian might is more powerful than it actually is.


Photos of blow-up silos, convoy trucks, bunkers—even radio towers!—suggest that all is not as it seems in Russia, but when a blow-up tank costs 100 times less than the real thing (and only weighs 90kg), you can hardly blame them for playing the same old game now, can you?

Unless their big show and tell for the BBC was just a cover-up...[BBC Video]

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Wouldn't IR be able to tell that dawn/dusk there is no heat signature?