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What Falling Down a Mountain Looks Like: Terrifying

Illustration for article titled What Falling Down a Mountain Looks Like: Terrifying

If you've ever wondered what the view is careening down a snow-driven slope with total lack of control, first chasing after a snowmobile and then being chased by one, glad tidings! You'll never have to try it yourself for reference, thanks to one terribly unfortunate Frenchman with a helmet cam.


Friendly tip: when you think it's over, it's only just getting started.


[Zapicks via Wired]

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I'm still not entirely sure why both guys thought it was a smart move to try to stop a tumbling snowmobile, with their hands, while standing on an incline, in snow. I mean, the thing is totaled. Not like another 20 flips is going to make it much worse.