'Educated' Snob Berates Train Conductor for No Good Reason

Know what's worse than someone yelling on the train? Someone yelling on the train and making a complete ass of herself. Here is a self-identified "educated" woman yelling at a Metro-North train conductor who told her to pipe down. It's pretty incredible.


According to the video's description, the woman was being loud and using profanity on the train. When the conductor told her to quiet down, she flew off the handle and started telling her, repeatedly, about how "educated" she is and how the conductor doesn't know "what schools I went to." (I'm betting she went to one of the lesser Ivies like Cornell and has something to prove. She's still angry she didn't get into Harvard.)

I love that when the screamer gets herself really worked up, she demands her money back and says she'll never give Metro-North her money ever again. (What is she going to do if she doesn't give her money to Metro-North? Ride her bike from Cos Cob to Midtown everyday to her very elite, educated job?)

According to the person who filmed this, after the altercation the conductor got on the loudspeaker and reminded everyone to speak softly and not use profanity on the train, "especially those people who went to Harvard or Yale or are from Westport."

Public humiliation is the only thing that will teach this brat a lesson. Let's hope this helps!


Piston Slap Yo Mama

I was once married to an effete snob but it took time to manifest. I went to a state university but she went to ivy-league-wannabe Bard Univ. We had an argument about something inconsequential that snowballed. I knew I was right and wouldn't back down. The argument ended when she said "I'm right because I went to Bard, where they taught us to think logically and empirically" and so forth. I waited for her to say ha-ha just kidding, but she wasn't. We were divorced soon after. It's a shame I'm a mouth-breathing state university moron or I might've been smart enough to not marry that bitch.