Chrysler's design chief, Trevor "Apollo" Creed, has announced his retirement, staggering out of the ring and sending in Chrysler 300C and 2009 Dodge Ram designer Ralph Gilles as his Rocky-like replacement. A 23-year Chrysler veteran, Creed was responsible (in a managerial role) for production knockouts like the Dodge Challenger and the Chrysler and Dodge minivans. On the concept side, he was ring-side to hit the bell for the Dodge Demon and the Hemi-powered Tomahawk. But, it wasn't all positive boxing metaphors.

Creed's taken more than a few blows to the face as of late with the new Chrysler Sebring, Jeep Compass and Dodge Avenger. While they don't make or break his resume, they certainly tarnish his proud time spent with Chrysler in all three of its forms — independent company, German conquest and now as a Las Vegas poker chip.


In any case, the 63-year-old Creed fought hard for the design team, and we're sure Chrysler Chairman Bob "Ivan Drago" Nardelli thanks him for his service. Our only question is whether Nardelli will break Gilles in what we're sure will be some knock-out, drag-down fights between design and costs. [via Automotive News (sub. req.)]