Nothing says "special" like discounted sunglasses, and that's just one of the many perks that come from purchasing your limited-availability, $25 Woodward Dream Cruise "VIP Cruisers" pass. Only 12,500 of the passes are available, giving you special access to metro-Detroit cruising events throughout August, along with discounts on items such as the aforementioned Dream Cruise sunglasses, discount admission to local automotive museums, and, drumroll please, a limited-edition Dream Cruise plaque. Okay, so it's all junk, but the VIP Pass proceeds go toward defraying Cruise costs in the host cities, and keeping this event going is well worth $25 in our book.

Did we mention discounts on automotive art at the Michigan State Fair? That's right, now you can get your own painting no doubt featuring a fantasy dealership on a moonlit late-1960s summer evening with 30 of your favorite model classic cars in the parking lot, all painted with the perspective just slightly askew so the cars appear to be driving into one another. The mantle has been awfully bare since the cat knocked your Gordon Lightfoot-era "Ship on a Stormy Sea" print onto the fireplace tools... [Detroit News]