In an investigation that will no doubt redefine investigative journalism, UK tabloid The Sun has found rich foreigners, mostly of the Arab variety, pay people to drive them to Harrods in luxury vehicles to go shopping. But the hard work of The Sun's sure-to-be Pullitzer Prize-winning reporter Alex West doesn't end there. The full details on The Sun's thinly-veiled anti-foreigner screed below the jump.

West observed these chauffeured Rolls Royces, Bentleys and other formerly British-owned brands are unable to find parking, forced to endlessly circle the block until their masters return, robes silkily flowing behind them. West points to one Bentley Continental GT he saw sitting idle for four hours while its rich owners shopped inside the upscale Knightsbridge department store, emitting the same carbon as a Nissan Micra driven 170 miles.

West also saw "more than fifty tycoons — including sheiks" in Maybachs, Rolls Royce Phantoms and Mercedes S500s destroying the environment that rightfully belongs to native Brits and not "filthy rich oil millionaires" outside the store. Although West believes strongly that the environment is UK-only, he appears to have no issues with Harrod's foreign ownership (although we hear Mohamed al Fayed would really like to become British). Perhaps West would be less upset if these super-rich Arab oilmen paid the British government for the rights to the environment? Of course this is the same paper that earlier railed against a "Sheikh" who flew his Lamborghini to England for an oil change. Jeez, we'd think that makes for a helluva commercial on English wrenching skills, but what do we know?

Anyway, we eagerly await The Sun's next series of investigations into the amount of pollution generated by Ryan Air as it flies lager louts to Ibiza for their holidays, the carbon footprint of Stella distributors in Essex and the toxic runoff from a flag of a St. George novelty memorabilia factory. [The Sun]