Our fearless leader's brother is trying to help out his mom by selling her old 2002 Liberty on Craigslist right now...is he making the right choice? Thanks to technology, there are a myriad of ways to offload a set of wheels. You can try for the highest bidder by putting your ride on eBay. You can go the easy route by posting it on Craigslist, Facebook market and other online listings. Before there was the Internet people would sell their cars in a newspaper, which we're told still exists. There's also the popular trade-in or dealer option, though the common perception is this isn't the most lucrative way to do it. Then there's the oldest of old fashion ways: putting it on the side of the road. But which way's the best?

Will you get a fair market value for your car no matter where you sell it? Do certain cars do better in different environments? You'd have to think the best market for a seller will be one with the greatest access to potential buyers plus a low number of potential alternate choices. A rare Vette might do well at the Big BJ, but would your mom's six-year-old Liberty do as well? Would leaving it out at the Woodward Dream Cruise work better? What's the best deal you've gotten when selling a car and where did you sell it? Where is the best place to sell a car?