It appears that Toyota of Malaysia doesn't understand the Internet, as they've gone ahead and posted an image and specs of the new face-lift of the 2009 Toyota Hilux ahead of the official unveiling. It would also appear that unlike the United States, Malaysia is a viable market for simple, lightweight, utilitarian trucks.

Largely unchanged mechanically, the 2009 model retains the same 2.5-liter diesel engine generating 102 HP and 192 lb-ft of torque. While that might not sound like enough to power two dozen subwoofers, a DVD player, hydraulic suspension and A/C simultaneously, that's not as important for Malaysians, who actually use their trucks for tasks like hauling manure and bringing produce to market (often simultaneously if the durian fruit is anything to go by). Outside, the Hilux gets indicators integrated into the wing mirrors, a new bumper and a revised grille. While such minor changes might challenge the fragile masculinity of US market truck buyers, they should be enough to keep one of the most reliable, practical trucks ever made moving forward off showroom floors. [Toyota Malaysia via Paultan]