3rd Gear: Honda Is Already Giving The Civic A Facelift

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Automobile says one of its photographers caught the 2013 Honda Civic sedan out running around with very little camouflage. It's been no secret that Honda was alarmed at the reaction to the 2012 model, and decided to update it rather than let it languish. Automobile says the front end is new, and bears a close resemblance to the freshened 2013 Accord. The front fenders are a little more rounded, the hood bulge a little more pronounced, and headlamps no longer blend seamlessly into the grille. The bumper fascia is also new, as is a scalloped lower air dam. Automobile says there are changes at the back of the car, too. New tail lamps echo those of the Accord, stretching into the decklid, but its arrangement – brake lamps on top, turn signals on the bottom – is the opposite of the Accord. With so much focus now on small cars, Honda is anxious to make sure it doesn't lose any ground in what's become a hotly contested market.

Photo: The Associated Press


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