3D GPS Mapping Finally Coming Stateside

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It pains me to see it, but one of the lesser-known GPS manufacturers will be bringing 3D GPS Navigation software to the United States. Previously, many manufacturers provided 3D GPS mapping software in Europe, but not on these shores. Nav N Go is the company that will be developing the North American 3D mapping software that will be available to a variety of hardware manufacturers. One of the more interesting aspects of Nav N Go's software is that it includes its own graphical engine. That means that its software can be more easily adapted to the wide variety of aftermarket and factory-installed GPS receivers, and potentially not require any additional hardware purchases.


3D mapping is pretty gimmicky. It could help out navigation a slight bit, specifically if you are looking for a landmark, but in most cases the turn-by-turn grid directions are more than sufficient and actually preferred when trying to navigate. I'm driving to a destination, not going on a sightseeing tour of a city. [MobileMag]

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ok, so will this prevent the GPS from thinking I'm on the freeway when I'm actually 30 feet below it on a surface street that just happens to run along the freeway?