The MSNBC Bridge Tracker is a nifty interactive mapping tool that allows you to input an origin and destination, then see all the bridges along your chosen route, along with their engineering inspection reports. While some states have more elaborate data available than others, the system contains information on more than 100,000 spans in the United States. Oh, and did we say nifty? Yeah, we meant scary.

On a whim, we plugged in one staffer's old commute, pre-Jalop. An 11-mile stretch of interstate contained 28 bridges, of which two-thirds were either "structurally deficient" or "functionally obsolete." Two even contained the alarming description, "meets minimum tolerable requirements to stay in place as-is," which sort of sounds like it's being held up by rust and willpower. Granted, it IS metro Detroit, but have a look at your own route and report your findings. [MSNBC]