Just in case you thought we only cared about Formula One when someone gets electrocuted or has kinky sex, we have a story that proves this isn't true. We also care when owners' attractive significant others go topless for magazines. In this case it's Elisabetta Gregoraci, the special lady of Renault Formula One managing director Flavio Briatore (who already knocked up Heidi Klum), wearing sheer clothing for Spanish mag Interviu, a publication known for showing boobs in between stories about international currency fluctuation and the politics of the modern Madrid. The Not-Safe-For-Work photos below the jump.

At this point we feel like we maybe owe Formula One a few positive stories about people involved in the sport. Look, one woman who happens to be someone's wife. That's like six kinds of improvements over recent stories. (Thanks to Alejandro on the tip!)

[Intervie via MachoChip]