The folks over at Winding Road... err... NextAutos, have procured some more photos of the new Toyota Prius we caught earlier this month. The next-gen Prius was caught taking a couple turns around the block, showing off its new body and the expected to longer and wider size to give backseat passengers a bit more space and some added trunk storage and these new shots. The other additional features we've heard about — solar cells and a higher fuel economy — still can't be substantiated by these photos. However, NextAutos now adds another rumor to the list.

NextAutos whispers that the next-gen 2010 Toyota Prius could be part of

"a whole family of Prius models. That means that we also will see a station wagon and maybe even a convertible with the Prius badge."

So now you can have your smug little cake and eat it too. [NextAutos]