New to the annals of automotive blogging comes "Stick Shift," a weekly column at Vanity Fair's online world dedicated to the unique needs of gay car enthusiasts. Lest you think the subject matter will consist solely of New Beetles and Miatas, writer Brett Berk assures us he's a genuine Motor City native intent on moving away from the cliche and exploring the bigger car questions still unresolved for the LBGT community.

You know, like:

"we'll focus on the obscure and the ambiguous: cars that emit the subtle semiotic signals that register on my GayCarDar. In addition to ID-ing individual Homotivators, we'll run comparison features ("Which Car is Gayer"), perform outings ("Closet Case Cars") or answer burning questions ("How Do Gay Guys Keep Their Cars So Clean?"). And while we will, by necessity, trade in stereotypes, we wish to remind readers that it's all meant in fun."

His words folks, not ours...not that there's anything wrong with them. [Vanity Fair]