Schnitzel Ben's story of a Carrera GT crushed on prom night by a careless teen got us thinking about the immense amount of pressure prom is designed to inflict. You're in high school and therefore awkward and confused. You've got to find a date. You've got to find a tux. You have to pick out a corsage. You have to get a nice place for dinner. You have to find a good group to go with. Assuming you've done all of this you've got to dance. You have to decide when it is a good time to go. Then, because it's the prom and the end of the school year, you're under all this pressure to copulate. The hilarious part is that, most likely, the date before prom involved picking out a movie your date wanted to see. Oh, and you have to pick out the ride, which is where some advice from Mad_Science comes in handy.

A Carrera GT is a terrible prom-night car. 1) No back seat (and the front seats aren't exactly built for two)

2) Awkward clutch, so while you're still quivering from the whole Pin-the-corsage-on-the-boob incident at her parents' house, you're bound to jerk, stall, or lurch your way to further embarrassment.

3) Massively high-profile. Cops, your uncool "friends", and every Civic with a JC Whitney intake will be all over you on your way to/from the event.

4) No ground clearance or traction. Since in-car action is an impossibility (unless she's a freshman gymnast), you're gonna have to disappear down some back road, and you'd get hung up on the first tree-root, leaving you well within rock-salt-loaded-shotgun range of Old Man Cooner's back porch.

Picking rock salt out of your previously bare ass while the tow guy drags dad's high centered Porsche onto the flat bed is not how you want to spend the hours of 12-1:30am.

Yeah, you'll be better off with something featuring a large back seat, automatic, low-profile and clearance... a black jacked up 1992 Ford Aerostar?

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