Since we put out the word that justice can be purchased at the 24 Hours of LeMons South, some teams became quite innovative about the methods used to make sure that the Bullshit Inspection judges take a reasonable approach to the determination of car value. Taping $5 bills under the hood certainly gets our attention!

Food, beer, and T-shirt bribes were also somewhat effective, though a cynic might point out that only teams with nothing to hide actually got into the bribin' spirit. We got enough for some beer and pizza after a long day sweating in robes and wigs in the muggy South Carolina air, so all in all we think it was a good idea.

And, truth be told, it would have taken waaaaay more than a couple of fivers to get some of the race cars past the inspection. For example, when you roll up in your PT Cruiser stuffed full of Neon handlin' goodness, give us a long and complicated story about the crazy deals you got on suspension parts, and then we pop the hood and find a supercharger? Oh yeah, that supercharger! Plumb forgot that! Say hello to lap penalties aplenty (but we respect the attempt, guys).

Then there were some tougher calls, like this Miata. The car was fielded by a Spec Miata-building shop, which meant there was an awful lot of gray area surrounding the value of "parts we had lying around." There was no gray area surrounding the incredible speed with which it screamed around the track during practice, however, and so Chief LeMons Perpetrator Jay Lamm had to be brought in for an appellate ruling.