The entire run of Audi R8s for 2009 has sold out. There's now an 18-month waiting list for Audi's hand-built supercar. This news comes just as we were about to place our order, meaning it'll be even longer before Wert gets to drive get driven around in one. It also comes despite a price hike of $3,500, although we suppose that if you can afford a $113,700 car, that slight hike ceases to be relevant.

The R8's success is good news for both the upcoming 2009 Audi R8 V10 and Audi R8 TDI, guaranteeing them a market — not that anyone has any doubt those will sell out too.

Jalopnik Snap Judgment: This is the best supercar on the market, mixing gorgeous looks with excellent performance and everyday luxury. It's no surprise that the limited run has already been spoken for; in fact, it nicely validates our opinion of the car. [via Edmunds]


Photography: Grant Ray