Bugatti Veyron? Gauche. Bentley Continental T Red Badge? Slow. Rolls Royce Phantom? Piteously un-British. Why would you choose any of these rides when a 1040 HP, blown 592 Hemi-motivated, four-passenger Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is at your beck and call? We'll pause while you do a double take. That's right, this Silver Shadow has been fortified with a leather-bound roll cage, massive sticky rubber, an array of billet goodies, more gauges than a 2010 Chevy Camaro, and 592 cubic inches of good times.

Hey, there's even a little TV in the back, so you can watch as you sip champagne through a straw while your driver pulls off 9 second quarters. We love how even the fuel cell is covered in leather — how properly British. The owner of this monster hasn't yet been determined, but we suspect he wears a monocle etched with racing stripes. [SouthFloridaStangs and Pistonheads]