Who is crueler and more villainous than the curmudgeon Mr. Potter from Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life? He cares not for the town people whose toil he uses to swell his accounts, he's vindictive and he tries to take down Jimmy Stewart. To make it worse, he never comes to justice. This is a rather bleak, though realistic view, for a movie that's considered one of the most idealistic in the American cannon. Capra claims that he received many letters from individuals unhappy that Potter didn't get his in the end, a sentiment reflected in an SNL skit that involves the town folks beating the crap out of him (video of that below the jump). But as Pollock pointed out in our Dodge Ram versus bank post, there's an upside potential for Dodge.

This would make a great Dodge Ram commercial... and it could have the tag line "F*ck the bank... 0% interest over 6 years financing on all Dodge Rams".

You know what your mistake was Mr. Potter? Double crossing me and letting me live!