Presidential hopeful Barack Obama will be attempting to reach red state audiences by sponsoring a NASCAR Sprint Cup car for the Pocono race on August 3rd of this year. Assuming no one gives it the red flag, this will be the first time that a presidential candidate has officially sponsored a NASCAR entrant. The one-time sponsorship deal is part of a larger "get out the vote" and "make John McCain spend all his money" initiative by the campaign. The #49 car is run by BAM Racing and will be driven by Ken Schrader. Of course, it's a Toyota.

NASCAR, for its part, has been trying to reach out to minority audiences so it's no surprise this sponsorship will include a fundraiser with NASCAR fan Randy Moss and Fergie. The team is run by staunch Republicans, but they're not going to turn down the money and, after years in racing, seem to know how to spot a winner. (h/t to Brian) [CNN.SI]