VW would like to share with you their dream for the future. The original Volkswagens were designed to assume the role of providing uniform transportation for the masses, and now it seems VW desires to return to their roots for 2028. No, not the whole take-over-the-world part, we're talking about them doing what their name says, being the "People's Car."

They've introduced three concepts (and re-shown the Up!) on display at Volkswagen2028.com, the Room, Ego, and One. But frankly, the cars themselves are less interesting than the concepts behind them. Obviously, you've got the usual PR propaganda of hybrid this and low-emissions that, sprinkled with talk of alternative fuels. Then there's the futuristic seating configurations, four seats facing each other in the Room, and a single-seater pod in the One. Oh, and don't forget that the car will drive itself, which will of course completely eliminate accidents when part of an all-knowing mobiliy network in which all automobiles intelligently interact. Of course, that's assuming either that all sort of different cars will be mandated to interact on the same network, or that all cars will be from the same manufacturer. Don't be scared, VW knows what's good for you. It'll be interesting to see how close, if at all, the future will actually be to VW's vision. Call us old fashioned, but we'd rather just drive our old clunkers than be driven around by some robo-car with a fancy color-changing shell.
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