Apparently the summer months over at the Audi Design offices are a bit slow, cause they're off designing stuff that doesn't even have wheels on it now. We're well aware of the voracious appetite Germans have for playing the game of "Footie," (try having a foosball table in the office) but Audi has taken that love a step further and applied their styling language to the classic game. The result is a table as smooth as a new Audi TT and as imaginary as a lightweight German automobile.

At this point there are no plans to put this baby into Audi-branded production. However, if it ever comes to pass, we're sure it'll be a lot heavier than we thought, come with stitched leather over brushed aluminum ball pockets, have ridiculously complicated and yet flimsy drink holders, and all the press photos will have the little men painted silver. [Carscoop]