The Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance usually plays host to the reveal of at least one high profile, high-dollar piece of driveway candy every year. This year is no exception with the Bugatti Veyron Targa expected to make an appearance and drop its very expensive top. And when we say expensive, what we really mean to say is ridiculously expensive.

The Veyron Targa will be available to a mere 80 lucky individuals willing to part with 1.14 million Euros ( $1.8 million in non-Monopoly money) for the chance to drive around on the decks of their cruise ships that burn dollar bills for fuel with the sun shining down while they gargle melted Godiva chocolate. So what if the weight is up and the top speed is down, it's built by Molsheim and it's exclusive, so go ahead and add it to the garage as a gift to your other Bugattis. [Edmunds Inside Line]