So some drunk Canadian teenager peed on a Ferrari. Usually that wouldn't merit coverage — we're sure 90% of the world's Ferraris have been urinated on by inebriated teenagers at some point in time. But this one involved urination caught on video, posted on Flickr, then YouTube, and has received such an outrageous response on message boards like FerrariChat that local police have launched an investigation not only into the teen's actions, but also to protect him from what they see as a real chance of violent revenge from forum fan-boys.

The clip shows "Gibby," obviously inebriated, releasing a pretty pathetic stream of urine onto the side of a 360 Spyder, apparently left overnight in a mall parking lot after its owner lost his keys. Upon discovering the video, members of FerrariChat were able to locate the culprit's Facebook page and subsequently his full name, contact information and contact details for his employer, who they've since harassed with late night phone calls. Forum members now intend to "show up" at a wedding Gibby is supposedly attending.

Speaking to the St. Catherine Standard, a spokeswoman for the Niagara Regional Police called the footage, "a gift-wrapped investigation." The NRP is now attempting to locate the boy in order to charge him with urinating in public.


Various threats of revenge have been made against Gibby (unfortunately not the Butthole Surfers' singer) by members of FerrariChat and in the clip's comments on YouTube. Not helped by Flickr photos that show the teen in Joey Carrera-style outfits and poses, those comments tend toward the elitist, suggesting that by being unable to afford a Ferrari, Gibby is somehow worth less to society.

The entire thing is so ridiculous that it's reduced our opinion of the kind of people that own Ferraris to an all time low (reduced from track-suited Sopranos wannabes to internet dweebs). That a group of enthusiasts is so unsure of themselves that they act out by trying to harm some idiot teenager is just pathetic. And as true Ferrari cognoscenti know, the 360 deserves to get peed on anyways.
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