The Muscle Car Wars are heating up with Ray driving the Challenger SRT8, details about the 2010 Chevy Camaro flowing out into the autosphere, and every spy photographer in town giving the 2010 Ford Mustang the LiLo treatment. Up until gas prices went through the roof, it seemed like a good time for automakers to build muscle cars. But is there still room in the market? What, if any, muscle car deserves to come back from the dead?

With the Plymouth brand dead, there's totally an opportunity for a Chrysler version of the Challenger. Chrysler Road Runner anyone? The Pontiac Firebird is an obvious choice and, given that Pontiac still exists, a RWD V8-powered muscle car seems like a good fit for the brand. There are so many muscle cars and muscle car variations from back in the day, which one should rise like a Phoenix from the ashes to burn rubber?