The bald-headed man out to make 'merica money will be heading "to Nascar's pit row" for his first NBC special called "The American Dream with Jim Cramer." That's right folks, "Big" Jim's jumping over to the airwaves from cable and in doing so, the Mad Money-man is looking to teach fans of the rubbin' is racin' series what making a buck is all about. Although you'd think we'd laugh off his prospects of success, he's bringing some of the big names in "stock car" racing with him — Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Burton and Casey Mears — so hopefully a tip or two may sink in. But really, the best part of the entire show will more than likely be seeing Cramer taking a run on the circular track himself in the cockpit side-seat of a Petty Experience Nascar racer at 160 MPH. We're assuming it'll happen, considering there's a teaser clip of it up on CNBC's site. All we know is, we hope he screams like a little girl with pigtails. [The American Dream]