It's one thing to spot a 90s Ford Escort with a truck bed and huge fins, but what a joy to see that the owner has actually named his creation using the correct -chero suffix. We've seen too many homemade Ford cartrucks with GM-centric names, so we're just happy this one isn't emblazoned with a huge "ESCORTAMINO" graphic. We're also happy that Crazygutgut had his camera at the ready when he spotted this fine machine in San Francisco's Sunset District. Make the jump to see the whole gallery and read Crazygutgut's description.

Hey Jalops

User Crazygutgut here.
I was driving down 19th Ave (in San Francisco) on Saturday July 5th when I spotted the "Escachero." I wonder if the guy is a fan, cause he spraypainted Escachero on the doors.

Most of the car is a 90ish Ford escort. the back of the cab seems to be made from a 60's Chevy or Ford pickup. the fins I'm not sure what those came off of, they looked pretty rough, but he did have "Coupe de Ville" scripts on the fins.

I still gotta get picks of the 1977 Honda Civic-amino that is driving around my hood, too....