Andy "Too Short" Stoy reported today on the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration plan to revise crash test ratings in a last-ditch effort to stay even remotely relevant educate drivers. Assuming they suddenly put forth harsher standards, would that impact your buying decisions? And while you probably wouldn't buy an Elantra if it got two stars, you probably wouldn't buy an Elantra anyways. What if it was your dream car and affordable? Would you think twice? Just how badly would your perfect car have to perform for you to walk away from a sweet deal?

Given the stories some of you have told about your current and former rides, it's clear safety isn't the primary concern, but it's up there somewhere. Some of you have families. Some of you have dreams. Some of you still haven't seen Paris. What's the tipping point? How much straw before the camel's back is broken and you're afraid you're going to follow its example?