There has been an awful lot of Ferrari news lately, considering the unveil of the 2009 Ferrari California, the official announcement of the oft-rumored Ferrari hybrid program, and news the Enzo replacement would come in a high-powered fun-sized package. Given that, speculation on the latest round of spy photographs is basically an exercise in throwing a dart at the wall. This taped up and modified F430 was captured in Germany and, among the suspicious elements, the exhaust tucked up under the body in an Enzo-like fashion is the one which most raises interest. Well, that and the taped-over rear window. While some are claiming it's the Enzo replacement, they're also claiming it'll have a turbocharged V6 or use the California's direct-injection V8. According to our sources, they're wrong.

What is Ferrari creating in there? Like we said, could be darn near anything. But If it's the planned Enzo replacement, we're told it'll have the Twin-Turbo V8 rather than a smaller turbo'ed V6 or the California engine all repackaged up. And if it's the hybrid, well, then they surely wouldn't want us to see any kind of gadgetry they've developed. Let the rampant speculation begin! [WorldCarFans]