Lacking a call-center or professional statisticians, we asked you what you thought the national speed limit should be. Apparently Rasmussen Reports don't trust us, and since they have both of those things, they decided to ask pretty much the same question. They found 59% oppose one, 34% support one and 7% aren't sure. What the poll also found — as well as our own version of the poll — after the jump.

Rasmussen found 59% of people support drilling offshore and in ANWR. They also found 61% of people didn't believe that driving slower would reduce the price of oil. But here was question one:

John McCain favors drilling in offshore oil wells to help reduce the price of gas. Barack Obama opposes offshore oil wells and says it would not reduce the price of gas. Should drilling be allowed in offshore oil wells off the coasts of California, Florida, and other states?

We think maybe a question set up like this might have gotten a slightly different response:

"Do you favor offshore drilling when economists almost unanimously agree it will not decrease the price of oil beyond a negligible amount sometime in the distant future?"

We can't imagine why they didn't ask that...
(Hat tip to Scotte!) [Rasmussen Reports]