Formalizing a long history of coach-built specials for super-crazy-rich customers (remember the James Glickenhaus Ferrari P4/5?), Ferrari has confirmed to Car magazine that they'll build you just about any car you want if you're prepared to pay for it. We're not talking about the Scaglietti personalization program here either; the only limitations are no SUVs, station wagons or sedans, and you have to use the chassis and airbags of an existing model. So, how many zeroes are involved?

Add at least $3.14 million U.S. on top of the price of the car if you want a completely unique model. But, as James Glickenhaus will tell you, the money will be well spent, not only guaranteeing you top resale value at Barrett Jackson in a few years, but also ensuring that you'll get a car customized to suit your fancy — even if that means ostrich feathers and alligator skin. Let the crimes against taste commence. [via EuroCarBlog]