For those who don't move in advertising circles, the name Jerry Della Femina may not mean that much. You may not have heard of his book From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor, a best-selling look at the ad industry that borrows its title from an implausible suggestion for a Panasonic ad campaign. But we'd bet you know some of his company's work. Can you finish "We love chicken, we love liver..."? That's Jerry. Even better, everyone's favorite Joe Isuzu has the mark of Della Femina. Travis noted a specifically affluent selling point for the green Tesla roadster, but SmalleyXB122 has a slightly different advertising tack and a slogan equally as hilarious and unlikely as the one Jerry used for his book.

It takes green to be green, but if you really want to save the world, I can take a cashier's check.

Ignore the douchebaggery of it being "green", and just revel in the badassery that is the Tesla Roadster.

And then run over some blind pedestrians.

How many blind-pedestrians per second? Or BPPS?

[Photo: The Laugharn Informer]