This strange looking Maser may appear to be a coupe, but sources say this is actually the upcoming Maserati GranTurismo Spyder, or as some are calling it, the GT-C. Whatever they end up calling it, expect a power-folding drop-top when the convertible hits showrooms around March. Of course, all that fancy auto roof origami means extra weight, so the car will likely use the extra muscle of the GranTurismo S' 434 HP 4.7-liter V8.

This tester seems to be using the same style of breadvan-inspired camo used to disguise the Ferrari California. While we can enjoy a good convertible on a nice sunny day, we'd actually rather have something with the long roofline of this testing mule. But it doesn't really matter, since we won't be able to afford one until that power-folding roof has become a manual folding hardtop, and then someone drives it into an overpass.