We're hearing from our sources that something's going down in Dearborn at Ford's PDC/Engineering center this upcoming Friday. All employees have been asked to be in the building for a meeting of an unknown nature. If the chit-chat from employees is any indication, the meeting's not because Alan Mulally's buying the entire team ice cream sandwiches. Unless "Black Friday" is some kind of euphemism for the really good ones coated in hard chocolate. But we doubt that.

While this rumor on timing is new to us, we'd also heard certain divisions on the white-collar side may be taking an across-the-board 15% pay cut. Hit the jump for the full tip, including a rumor that TRW Automotive plans to make a 10% reduction the day before.

Ford PDC/Engineering just rescheduled a meeting as all employees have to be in the building next Friday (27JN). The rumor is that it's a Black Friday, layoffs to happen.

I can confirm the rumor that TRW Automotive, at least Occupant Restraints North America division, is having a Black Thursday -and- likely a Black Friday. ~10% headcount reduction.