If you're worried about a getaway vehicle during a bank heist, the obvious solution is to use something with no legal connection to you, right? One solution might be to take a dealership test drive, but perhaps leave the salesman behind. In this real-life example, the suspect, Marcel Perrot, took a used truck and salesman to a bank under the guise of withdrawing cash to pay for the vehicle. He slipped the teller a note demanding the money, then returned to the truck and told the salesman he wanted to show the vehicle to a friend before buying. After stopping at a gas station, the salesman took the keys and called 911. Perrot then fled on foot and is still on the loose, likely preying on poor, innocent used car dealerships and unsuspecting banks.

The story would have been even better if the guy tried to pay for the truck with the cash he stole, on the spot, with the salesman. [Edmonton Journal]