Those 2010 Ford Mustang GT Convertible spy photos showing off the rear decklid spoiler earlier today got us thinking about "delete options" in general — and not just because we really want to rip that little lid-lip right off the back of the new 'stang.

We got to talking 'round here in the Detroit office about what kind of other "delete options" automakers should be offering. Ben wants a stripper model available of like every car imaginable. Andy has a penchant for family-hauling death traps — you know, like a short-wheelbase Town & Country without ABS brakes. And me? I wished that I'd had the option of deleting the trunk CD changer from every Jeep product I ever spent time behind the wheel of. But what about you? What's your one check box you wish you could have dropped a mark on? Fair warning — we may take the best responses and put them together in one of our "award-winning" top-whatever lists.