Well, this crazy mixed up SLR Guy photo chopping game has been a laugh riot, but all good things must come to an end. After a marathon gallery and a follow up with all the late entries, we've finally cut off submissions and it's time for you to make the final choice. Today we pitch our fifteen favorites and we'll let you vote on who takes home the fabulous prizes. That's right we said fifteen, hey, you try narrowing it down to only ten when you get well over three hundred entries — some of them were just too good to leave out. So without further ado, and in no particular order, the SLR Guy greatest hits.

The brilliance or this is the combination of the also hilarious "Enzo Dude" and the horrifyingly famous scene from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".

Any time Jar-Jar "Douche" Binks shows up in a 'shop contest, it's practically a shoo-in for funny, we liked it because it tells you all need to know about the character in one expression.

We actually think George Lucas and Steven Spielberg should consider changing the name of their latest effort and digitally "enhancing" it with the SLR Guy character. It would probably end up better than what we saw in theaters.

We like this one both for the topical nature or the pending Deathrace movie, but also respect the quality of the chop itself, note the fine matching of shading — nicely done.

This one takes advantage of the big Top Gear USA news and how we didn't really notice how Tanner Foust looks shockingly like SLR Guy. Clever... very clever.

And then there's the famous wreck of the Stefan Eriksson, the Enzo which started the Save the Enzo's wave, the most famous supercar wreck in recent memory. SLR Guy with the inevitable entry.

The "Icy Hot Stunaz," SLR Guy. Match made in heaven.

Does the SLR Guy jump the shark? Maybe, but we loved the combo of the Fonz and SLR Guy's expression. Inspired work fine commenter.

This one caught us completely off guard. Combine the childhood joy of Where's Waldo with the adult joy of ridiculing people on the internet.

Okay, maybe we're showing our nerd colors here, but Hans SLR here had us laughing for quite a bit. That business of overlaying characters from a galaxy far, far away is pretty amusing.

Oh, so rich. So much comedy here. The perfect combination of "aw damn" with "I shoulda known better."

This is a fabulous use of words on a page. Of course Chitty Chitty Douche Bag makes sense, just say it out loud. You can't help but chuckle.

We're amazed with this one in that our intrepid 'shopper managed to fill the foreground of the original image with the sweaty, snarly image of el-Wert-o during his first ever appearance on CNBC. Amazing!

This one cracks us up if for now other reason than the obvious pandering and brilliant use of Mark's staff photo. Also, look, there's Matt! It's like they were actually there.

How could we not include SLR Guy with everyone's favorite Nazi-themed orgy aficionado? Oh Max Mosley, what would we do without you?

Oh, and what about those prizes? We got a pile of swag from Ford at the Ford Racing Invitational, and we're more than happy to pass it along. How about a limited edition, 1 of 500, commemorative 2005 Grand-Am Champion Ford Mustang FR500C model, new in box for first place. Second will be getting a very nice Ford Racing ball cap and third will get a selection of three Ford Racing beverage cozies. See the gallery below. Okay kids, that's it, vote early and vote often, and congratulations to the finalists.

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